Parents involvement during COVID-19

The pandemic added more challenges to the parents to support their children affected by learning disabilities, or are they ?

Remote schooling is a big challenge to keep the children up to pace with home work and involvement into their studies.

Also how they can support the social bond with the rest of the class. Being affected by learning disabilities tends to isolate the children in a in-school teaching. Being remote offers other social alternatives that can be of help and secure more the children, as the difference in learning can be smooth by the opportunity to work at their own pace. 

The most important element is parent involvement and support. This is crucial and this will make all the difference. The opportunity to use more digital tools and communication channels can be seen as an opportunity to improve. One major driver of the change of understanding in this area has been the widespread adoption of the social model of inclusion

An interesting paper points out that parents’ fear of COVID-19 predicts indirectly and positively their control in their involvement in children’s homework.

Every change can be an opportunity to improve.