Oppimi proposes a complete solution to help diagnose and support an efficient Dysgraphia Treatment

  • data focus

    Big Data

    Big Data is key to Health Development, accelerate Research is one objective for Oppimi

  • puying-olicom


    Oppimi announce a new partnership with PuYing-Olicom, Hong Kong company leader in Electronic Manufacturing and banking automation business.

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    Rotaract Partner

    Oppimi Signed 2 years contract with Rotaract:Rotary Romania for the largest pilot phase of Oppimi’s Dysgraphia Platform.

  • data analysis

    Data Focus

    Handwriting recognition data is analysed and structured according to therapist needs

As health tech specialists, Oppimi teams focus on learning disabilities and big data aggregation and analysis



At Oppimi we have the goal to provide high quality health services and facilities for those children that are affected by learning disabilities via video games environments.

We are working on making the therapy for learning disabilities as Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia etc. more easy and fun !


Technology can help children around the world to have a better future, overcoming their challenges regarding learning disabilities. Providing quality tools to clinics and also parents is part of our mission.

World is moving fast and taking advantage of big data and sharing platforms can drastically fasten research and benefits children, families and science.



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